A thermionic device, that amplifies audio signals.

I am just haveing a go at the old style thermonic valve amps for guitar use. At the moment I am just starting to design and build a 30 Watt guitar and microphone amplifer header unit ( amp with out speaker) which will stand on a custom made speaker unit.

Date Log pre 1st May 2011 some time in April. ( but using some of my college notes from the mid 70's and a book publisted in 1969 on Hi Fi repair.)

I also used some ideas from mikes the transformers mans web site to hopefuly he will let me put his sites web address on here with a link.?

Mike the Man :- livinginthepast

Some of my prep work on the pre amp and power stage, of my 2 input header amp, using valves .

the next project will be a massive 100 Watt valve amp !!!

There will be some pictures of the progress as I make it.

Date Log 5th May 2011

The valves arrive, I just need the transformers, and choke and a lot of metal work, and oh yes a few capacitors and resistors. 

Date log 8th May 2011

I've just had to reorder the transfomers again, as the first order for some reason only known to the internet and Bill Gates knows why things go missing on the net ???????

So the output push pull 30 watt trany, mains trany 360 volt output, with two heater winding 6.3 volts and 5 volts for the rectifier and along with the smoothing choke, will be delayed by who knows how long ? 

Date Log Mid day 8th May 2011

I have had a e-mail back from the main man called Mike about my order for the transformers, YES his got the order, and YES his an Essex man To, Great news his not to far from me too.

Date Log 20th May 2011

I had to go and pick up a package, from a depot in Rayliegh. Yes it was my transformer order. On unpacking it, I found that I may of ordered, a different mains transformer. I may have to order a lower volt transformer for the pre amp stages.

Date Log 23rd May 2011

I have just ordered some different, output power valves, as in the KT88. I am also looking at ordering, some different transformers to.

Some Design ideas, on lay out and circuit designs.

Once I have the transformers I can make up some test rigs to see how they run, and see where the design faults are that the best bit, playing about with circuit ideas.

Ideas for the two input pre stage with to pre amps, one for the microphone input and the other with a guitar input, each will have there own tone controls ( high and low) and pos switchable inter circuit equitation circuits , to give each input it own tone colouring. 

Making 3D models of the Valve components, to help with the lay out, and metal work.

need to make the model for the power valves, and smaller components like resisters and capacitors.