Electronic Security:

Electronic security is a term given that covers about four aspects, of a security system.

Theses give the system a means to electronically :-


 Detect an intrusion in to the protected area
 Send a call for help
 View in to the premises via an electronic window
 Control access and flow of personnel through the premises

There was two main ways of communicating the activation from the site to the key holder, these being

1) Via a bell on the out side of the premises, and some one hearing it then contacts the key holder.

2) The activation is sent via the telephone system, some times via a third party, then to the key holder.

The second way by telephone has advanced a little now, basically due to the mobile phone system and the Internet.

The installation and maintenance of security systems are controlled in Britain and Europe by a set of standards.

In Britain we used to have just our British standard to work to. This was BS4737 for intruder alarm system.

But now we have Europe controlling use, so they brought in EN 50131 for intruder alarms. But due to the fact the police in Britain respond to monitored alarms, which in the past have created so many false activations and wasted a lot of police time, they introduced confirmation system, which was controlled by a standard DD243.

Due to this and the confusion a hybrid standard was generated by the industry, which was adopted by BS which is PD6662.

The camera systems are controlled by a standard called Detector activated CCTV systems which is numbered BS 8418. This means that the CCTV system is controlled by a intruder alarm type system, and will only activate when a detector detects some movement. The system is controlled by a system the can be activate and deactivated by a key pad on site, with an entry route.

There is also a Euro standard called alarm systems. CCTV surveillance system for use in security applications :- BS EN 50132.

And a British standard called Closed circuit television (CCTV). Management and operation. Code of practice. :- BS7958

Code of practice for digital CCTV recording systems for the purpose of image export to be used as evidence :- BS 8495.

Access Control Standards:

Alarm systems. Access control systems for use in the security applications.: - BS EN 50133.

Equipment for use in audio and video door-entry systems. :- BS EN 50486


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