* Electronics *

I must of started playing around with electronic circuits when I was a kid, my dad bought me one of these boxes with a piece of hard board in it with holes in.

It was produced by Philips the electronics company, you had a hand full of resisters, capacitors and transistors in the box, and you had wire peg loop that went through the hole in the board and you put a small spring over it, while you put the component wire leads through the top of the loop, then the spring held it tight.

I think I made an AM radio, and it sort of worked, like all the circuits you made they all sort of worked. I remember that  when I was about 14 I mad a small radio that was mounted in to a small match box, I think it was made around the zn414 radio chip. as i could not take a match box to school, I put it in one of them plastic boxes that you get small tictac mints in, and it had a small ear piece to listen to with.

I have just found out that the chip is now called MK484 or even TA7642. Click Here