Art Work by me

3D art work propared with DAZ 3D studio 3 Advanced andmodeling with Hexogan.

Here is one of my animated 3D logo's that is on Youtube.

This one did not get use in the final poster, for some reason they said there was to much skin showing, ( but a number of drafts of this drawing went missing after the meeting!!!) and I have not showed you the one with her in leathers.

MMMMMM a lady in leathers what’s wrong with that, oh yes she was meant to be a schoolteacher, I got carried away doing this poster, they said it had to draw your eye to it.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just to calm you down here’s a sweetie tin with a nice little castle on it, I had to eat the sweets fast as the paints may have contaminated them hehe

A small sweeties tin that I painted at one of the canal art classes I attend, at Knuston Hall (Northamptonshire.

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Encaustic Art 

Wax art work

This work is by Barry Moulton

This picture is called Dragon Territory

Wakes Waxes at:-