oh yes the 80's are coming back them tunes, abba, blondy, mud.


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Numark disco mixer with record deck inputs and has two built in CD players that can play CD-G's to for Karaoke discs via a normal TV.

My 19 inch rack system .

I have bought and collected a small amount of disco equipment over the years. Some of it now can be hired out with me to help set it up and if you want operated either by you or me, I can even stay and give you pointers on 'old school DJ'g'. No comment on my skills now as it was in the 70's and 80's I did most of my work.

Their are two old vinyl decks, mixers, analogue and digital (Virtual DJ software) with Hercules RMX steel dj console.

Theirs a dual disk CD payers , and CDG mixer for Karaoke (DVD karaoke can be achieved via the computer) with a projector display.

Theirs even an iPod docking unit on one of the mixers input and 5 mic input in the rack, along with the mixer desk, theirs, graphic equalisers, effects unit, and a 3 channel X over unit feed in to 3 separate 1k* watt (bridged) power amps. all in a 19inch rack unit on wheels. All controlled with a touch screen monitor. (Computer mounted in rack system, with plug in docking for hard drives).

  * N.B. there are three stereo power amps top 250 Watts RMS per channel. mid 250 Watts RMS per channel. Bass 400 Watts RMS per Channel.